Lost Highway

Like a rebel without a clue...

6 January 1984
- Natalie/30/London, England.
- Married, one daughter and one son.
- I co-host God Hates Fangs podcast with my husband.
- I'm an aspiring writer, currently working on a sci-fi/vampire mash-up novel. Sometimes I post about my attempts to get my work published.
- I'm a gamer, with PS3 and PS4. Occasionally I post about the games I've been playing. Mostly it's Skyrim, Minecraft and GTA.
- I like going to gigs, and I post reviews and photos of the gigs I go to.
- I am an avid magazine collector, and I frequently post scans from science fiction and music magazines.
- The vast majority of my posts are about music, movies, books or TV Shows.

I tend to geek out about the following:

True Blood (show, books, comics)
Pink Floyd
New bands I'm checking out
Old bands - punk, metal, classic rock
The Wildhearts/Ginger Wildheart
Michael Fassbender
Sean Bean
The Walking Dead (show and comics)
Doctor Who
Science Fiction in general
Buffyverse (show and comics)
Adam Ant
Blade Runner
Game of Thrones (show and books)
X-Men (films and comics)
Comic books
The Dark Tower (books, comics, and forthcoming movies/tv show)
Stephen King
Iain M. Banks

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